With more than 10 years of experience in SAP BW/BI, the cubemaX GmbH supports its customers in all aspects of SAP BW/BI.

  • Requirements analysis
  • Tool selection
  • Development guidelines

During the first phases of SAP BW projects, the focus is on questions of business and technological requirements analysis and tool selection.

SAP BW Backend Concept

The check, the usability and the enhancement of the BI Content and the business application and data models mapped in it are called data modeling. The BI Content also takes into account all necessary extractors, objects and data providers from classic SAP source systems such as SAP ERP or SAP CRM. Another step of the SAP BW backend concept and development consists of the design and development of complex data flows, with transformation rules and ABAP routines.


SAP BW Frontend Design & Development and BI Portal

The BEx Query plays a central role as an interface to the classic BEx frontends. The business logic depicted in it forms the basis for both MS Excel-based BEx Analyzer reports and Web reports created with the BEx Web Application Designer. It is the pivotal point for information access in the SAP Enterprise Portal with its BI functionalities, as a basis for simple and flexible distribution of reports and analyses.


Performance Management, Planning and Data Mining

SAP offers Integrated Planning (IP) as an established standard for the implementation of requirements in the areas of planning and simulation. Both the backend and the frontend are used.


SAP NetWeaver BW performance optimization, reviews and audits

The most important part of the acceptance of an SAP BW solution is its performance. In addition to the optimization options at all levels of the entire platform, from the operating system and database to the SAP NetWeaver BW-specific data models, the BW Accelerator (BWA) offers clear performance advantages as an introduction to in-memory processing, whereby SAP’s HANA real-time solution currently attracts the clear acceptance of customers.

Conception of authorization and role models

From the point of view of data protection, the conception and implementation of role models and authorization structures is of central importance. Using analysis authorizations as well as basic and authorization roles, complex organizational requirements are mapped and information is personalized.


Coaching, training and know-how transfer for SAP BW

The cubemaX GmbH imparts knowledge in the form of coaching and individual training on the topics of conception, development and operation of SAP BW. All training content is tailored to the roles of the participants.