SAP Business Objects

SAP Business Objects BI Platform

The SAP Business Objects BI platform offers a wide range of options for preparing and analysing information in various formats. The portfolio covers all requirements from free ad hoc analyses to high-level formatted reports and dashboards.

 Integration of SAP BusinessObjects and SAP NetWeaver BW

The simple integration of SAP BusinessObjects combines the power and consistency of SAP NetWeaver BW with the versatility of SAP BusinessObjects reporting and analysis tools. Native interfaces such as BICS also transparently pass complex and proprietary SAP NetWeaver BW structures and objects such as hierarchies or variables to the frontend. Authentication and authorization concepts are transferred directly from the BW Backend to the reports and analyses. The various report formats can be published via the company-wide standardized SAP Enterprise Portal. We will gladly advise you on the introduction and further development of your SAP BusinessObjects solutions, based on SAP NetWeaver BW and show you how to exploit the optimal added value of both platforms:

  • Conception and development of SAP BusinessObjects Frontend for SAP NetWeaver BW
  • Use of existing user, role and authorization concepts from SAP NetWeaver BW
  • Single Sign – On (SSO) Integration
  • Integration of SAP BusinessObjects reports and analyses into the SAP Enterprise Portal / SAP NetWeaver BI Portal

With SAP HANA (formerly High Performance Analytic Appliance, no longer an acronym), SAP offers a variety of possibilities to use modern in-memory technology for the SAP Business Intelligence. The cubemaX GmbH designs suitable solutions for the most different starting situations and implements all SAP HANA solution scenarios. Thereby various modifications and combination solutions of the basic types are possible.


Since the release of the SAP NetWeaver BW 7.30, it is possible to migrate the existing SAP NetWeaver BW environment to SAP HANA. The previous primary database under SAP NetWeaver BW is replaced by SAP HANA. The standardized migration process thus comes close to a heterogeneous system copy. The existing SAP NetWeaver BW implementation with all data models, data flows and datasets is completely retained. The advantages and functionalities of SAP BW on HANA include:

  • SAP HANA optimizes InfoCubes and DSO’s
  • Acceleration of DSO activation processes, better performance for data loading processes in the BW backend
  • Simplification of remodelling processes (for example, when deleting characteristics, because SAP HANA optimizes InfoCubes)
  • Data compression of all BW data due to column-oriented data storage
  • Possibility to use the BW workspaces
  • Performance advantages for planning applications
  • Use of Transient Providers in connection with SAP HANA data models
  • The BW Accelerator is no longer required
  • No BWA indexing runs, no aggregate structure, thus shortening the time window for data provision