Data Warehousing

Without reliable data, it is impossible to make reliable decisions in day-to-day business. In the data warehouse, your data will be consolidated for analysis and reporting. Central to this is the clean structure and high quality of the data, which guarantees that your data is permanently available for thematic and periodic access.

We offer comprehensive solutions that will give you access to solid data from different data sources and generate analysis options. This will enable you to access reliable, up-to-date information on schedule. We rely on area-specific Data Mart applications or company-wide SAP Business Warehouse solutions – depending on your requirements.

We will support you in the introduction of a data warehouse from planning to implementation. We work agilely according to the most modern project management approaches. Through constant review and adaptation during the implementation process we will lead your projects to success

Company-wide Data Warehouse 

Our range of services includes requirement management, system design, implementation and introduction as well as commissioning of the live system.

For a company-wide data warehouse, we focus on SAP BW (Business Warehouse) based on HANA. In addition to databases from manufacturers such as Oracle, Microsoft, IBM and Teradata, we use SAP HANA as a highly specialized server for data analysis.

AP solutions include standardized ways to integrate data into a system. With SAP Data Services, we have a high-performance tool that combines data from several, differently structured sources in SAP or other databases set out in tabular form. While SAP Data Services also supplies the SAP HANA platform with data, we in addition use the newly developed tools SAP HANA Smart Data Integration (SDI) and Smart Data Access (SDA).

Large Data Volume

The collection and storage of large amounts of data and their analysis in terms of patterns, trends and relationships is discussed under the term “big data”. To process structured or unstructured data, powerful applications are required. Usually large amounts of data of different structures are stored in the file systems of different computers (Hadoop Distributed File Systems, HDFS). For an efficient evaluation we will establish the connection between Apache Hadoop and SAP HANA Vora.

Take advantage of the extensive expertise and many years of experience of our experts in SAP and data warehouse architecture. Our ETL consultants will support you in the processes of data acquisition, structuring and integration. Our team is looking forward to successfully working on joint projects.